Hair Removal:

Using a moisturising sensitive cream wax and aftercare products.


½ Leg wax                                      30mins from £18

¾ Leg wax                                      45mins from £24

Full Leg                                          60mins from £28

Full leg + Normal Bikini Line        60mins from £38

½ leg + Normal Bikini Line          45mins from £28

Upper Legs                                   20mins from £18

Normal Bikini Line                        20mins from £14

Extended Bikini Line                   20 mins from £18

Brazilian Bikini Line (Strip)          30mins from £24 

Hollywood Bikini Line (All)           45mins from £28

Underarm                                       15mins from £12

Forearm                                          20mins from £14

Eyebrow Re-shape                        20mins from £12

Eyebrow Tidy                                 15mins from £10

Lip                                                   15mins from £10

Chin                                                 15mins from £8

Lip and Chin                                   30mins from £15

Back                                                 30mins from £20

Chest                                               30mins from £20


This treatment is an ancient method of hair removal. This Middle Eastern procedure is mainly used for shaping eyebrows and removing unwanted facial hair. 100% cotton thread is twisted and lifted away from the skin, trapping the hair and removing the whole hair directly out of the follicle, the pain during this treatment is no worse than that during tweezing or waxing. Threading allows for a more hygienic precise and lasting hair removal experience compared to waxing. With threading there is no red irritation or rashes that can be caused by the heat of the wax.

Lip                                                 15mins from £10

Chin                                              15mins from £10

Eyebrows, Lip & Chin                  30mins from £30

Eyebrows                   15mins from £10

A permanent hair removal system, mainly used in the facial area but can be used on the body. Consultation is needed before this treatment, as a test patch needs to be carried out to establish skin reaction and a treatment plan for the client’s individual needs. A sterile stainless-steel disposable needle is used for every client each time.


Consultation and test patch                         15mins / £15

15 Minutes                                                      £18

30 Minutes                                                      £28


Advanced Electrolysis
A wide diversity of skin blemishes can be quickly and easily treated, a very fine probe is used with a current to coagulate blemish blood supply. Each client’s needs will be different so a full consultation will be needed before the treatment is carried out.


Thread veins-also known as broken veins, usually appear around the nose and cheeks. (Legs cannot be treated with this method)
Spider naevi-is a central bloodspot with smaller capillaries radiating from it, like legs of a spider mainly found on the face and chest area.

First treatment                                                 20mins / £30

Following treatment                                       20mins / £25

Milia- tiny white, hard lumps found around the eyes and cheeks.
Blood spots-bright red or pink dome shaped blemishes.

First treatment                                                20mins / £30

Following treatment                                       20mins / £25

Skin tags- Excess skin found in areas of friction.

20 Minutes                                                      £30

30 Minutes                                                      £45


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